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Posted 14 April 2018 1:35pm

Cardiovascular activity is the most common type of human movement based activity that we participate in. It can come in many styles from exercises, activities and sports. This blog explores the types of cardiovascular exercise important to our physical wellness, how we can train the cardiovascular system and why it is important to continue to keep this system healthy.


What is cardiovascular exercise? To keep it simple, it is any activity that is specifically performed in order to elevate the heart rate and respiratory rate through physical exertion. This can be for long, medium or short bouts or time and ranges of intensity; depending on the desired effect. Typical exercises or activities include running, swimming, cycling, skipping and non-typical include high volume weight training, metabolic conditioning, interval training and circuit training. 


When it comes to training the cardiovascular system, we need to take into account the desired adaptation process we wish to achieve. The law of specificity dictates that in order to achieve a result, we must train in a particular way. An example of this type of training to produce a desired effect can be seen in runners. Long distance runners must train endurance and therefore perform cardiovascular exercise at a lower-moderate pace for longer bouts to create adaptions within the body that allow for continual and further performance during the exercise. Short distance runners, alternately train at a moderate-higher intensity for shorter periods of time to increase the higher output they need to achieve performance results in their exercise. 


There are many ways to train the cardiovascular system. The best way, is the most simple, the most enjoyable and most suitable for you and your body type. At the end of the day, it’s about getting a bit out of breathe, sweaty and uncomfortable for a few minutes a day that will add so much value to your life through your health. Evo Health Club offers its valued members and clients the most diverse ways to train their cardiovascular system. Through group training, individual personal training and self-wellness sessions, we create programming that works for you in and out of the gym.

Head Coach Matty