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Posted 14 June 2018 11:28am

As individuals, strength is the only training style that will improve a person’s health, fitness and performance in any activity or sport. Even if you are generally training for bettering life and to improve your health, strength training will be the most beneficial tool to utilise. It can help to de-stress, lose body fat, increase energy levels and increase the physical fitness of individuals.

Strength training or resistance training is exercise that involves putting the body either collectively or individual parts through stresses of being under loads that are greater than usual. You can lift weights, pull bands, increase resistance of cardiovascular machines, move your body weight in conventional and non-conventional patterns and even perform daily tasks under higher loads. Strength training style is dependable on your needs, wants and actual capabilities. Evo Health Club will always program for our individual clients and their exact needs, giving them a training program that supports real results and enables for health success.

Strength training is typically programmed with a mixture sets, reps, time, intensity and volume. In order to get stronger, you must train within an adaptive response zone. This is unique and specific to each individual depending on their personal level of fitness and more importantly strength. In order for the body to adapt to exercise it must be more intense than the current state of capabilities for the individual. As strength can be measured in many ways for different people we are able to program specific ways that will assist our tribe with their personal goals. Functionality of movements, safety, specificity and controlling training variables is what allows Evo Health Clubs strength programming to allow for success.

Our coaches, trainers and facility showcase abilities to make simple the complexities of training. The clubs environment is one in which movement is performed safely and effectively with all programming from the coaching team, deliberate and precise. There is no room for error when it comes to strength training. Evo Health Club offers our valued members and clients their signature strength programming designed to build upon or lay the foundation of strength.

Here is an example of our signature lower body strength training program:
1) Barbell Squat 5x5 @80%RM

2) Stiff Leg Deadlift 4x8 @75%RM

3) Bulgarian Split Squat 3x12 @70%RM

4) Glute Thrusts 3x15 @75%RM

5) Ab Wheel Rollouts 4x10 @BW

Whatever your strength goals might be and your current capabilities or capacities, Evo Health Club offers your personalised solution to achieve results. Your health and fitness is our priority and we strive to educate and facilitate our members for their success.

Head Coach Matty