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Posted 7 May 2017 2:48pm

We at Evo Health Club are firm believers that if you are looking to get healthy, fit and increase your quality of life, then your training needs to be enjoyable in order to be successful! I say this coming from experience of myself and training hundreds of people over the years that if you are not enjoying what you are doing, it will never last.

When it comes to exercise and activity for yourself make sure you set yourself some goals. These are the end result. They have to be realistic to where you are now, where you can be and if it is truly achievable based on your own discipline. As a club, we use periodisation techniques with all our clients whether they have athletic or general population needs. This is what has created so much success for our members and clients.

STEP 1: Goal Setting

Ask yourself; is it realistic, do I have the time, what is your motivation behind this goal and how are you going to achieve the goal. In setting your goals use a broad time frame, say 6 months. Throughout this time there needs to be at least 3 goal types. A short term goal (6 weeks), medium term (12 weeks) and long term goal (24 weeks). Each goal needs to follow the same rules as mentioned above and change in minor to major achievement.

STEP 2: Task Setting

Short term goals require 1 task, medium 2 tasks and long term require 3 tasks. A simple task that leads you to a weight loss goal for phase 1 with the 3kg can be simply eat 3 nutritiously balanced meals per day that support losing body fat 6 days a week for 6 weeks. Start simple. Be honest and remember, realistic. For a medium goal you need a couple of tasks. i.e train 4 times per week for a minimum of 45minutes and consistently drink 2.3L of water per day. Simple small steps are key to achieving goals.


STEP 3: The Path to Success

Once your smaller tasks are set, it is easy to then map out and follow your path towards the success of your goals. Each task is measured in size and has different meaning along the way. It is important to reach each checkpoint towards a larger goal and reflect if it was achieved; why or why not, to allow for alterations to be made to the task list so that your goal will still be achieved and allow for success. We here at the club always ensure that programs adhere to our members and clients lifestyles. If your program and training facility does not work with you, it won’t work. We are unique in the concept of “Lifestyle periodisation” which allows our members to keep on track towards their goals.

STEP 4: Achievement

If all tasks are completed, the time has passed and you are at the end of your success journey, your goal will be completed successfully. Through this completion it is important to reflect on the what, how and why you worked towards this goal. Simple steps lead to a larger picture and break down a complex and at times daunting goal into a realistic achievement. We here at Evo Health club believe any goal is achievable with the right determination, support and consistent behaviour.  Start your journey with a plan and the team that wants you to succeed as much as you. 

Head Coach Matty