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EVO helps you function at your optimum level. We push you to be skilled, fit, focused, joyful and energised. Reach a point where your abilities match your challenges.

Our intelligent approach to training and the latest technology are the perfect storm for success. 

TECHNOGYM Technology is on your side with TechnoGym. It features specialised technology to support every workout.
PLUG AND PLAY By simply inserting the key, you can record every detail of your workout program or set preferred programs for future sessions.
WELLNESS TV ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE If traditional exercise makes you yawn, welcome to Excite! Watch TV or listen to the radio while you train and keep your mind active.
KINESIS Kenisis will enhance your balance, flexibility, strength and body shape. Developed in Italy, it’s a way to rediscover the beauty of free movement. It uses specialised equipment that encourages you to develop your core strength and improve your biomechanical efficiency.
SELECTION STRENGTH Let the system guide you on the LCD screen and correct you during exercise. It will tell you about your range, speed of motion, your sets, repetitions and rest periods while you work out.
Hydro Your recovery is a crucial part of a balanced life. That’s why we offer a pool, sauna, steam room and spa.
Pool Kick off! Swimming exercises every muscle in your body and our 25m pool is designed for serious fitness. We encourage you to use it both to work out or wind down.
Sauna & Steam Room Shed your day. Your skin is one of your most powerful allies to rid your body of toxins. By elevating your core body temperature in our sauna or steam room, you can improve your health immediately. The heat also helps to relax tense muscles, unlock tension and improve recovery times.
Hydrotherapy Spa After a hard workout, soothe yourself in a nice hot spa. Spas can provide a number of health benefits from the heat, buoyancy and massage. It can soothe nagging aches and pains, stiff muscles, circulation problems, headaches and sleep disturbances.